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Cultivating for Growth

We provide an extensive range of propagation services and techniques designed for the commercialization of Fragaria, Rubus, and Vaccinium varieties, as well as breeding programs. Our capabilities include the utilization of our state-of-the-art in-house tissue culture facility. Explore the comprehensive solutions offered by PBP for your premium plant cultivation needs.

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Nurturing Growth

Cultivating Excellence

Customized advice to smallholder farmers with radical efficiency and scalability agricultural methods used. Curabitur mollis bibendum luctus.

Licensing and Exclusive Agreements

We take pride in our licensing affiliations with QDAFF/QSGA and EMCO-CAL, underscoring our dedication to adhering to industry standards. Our exclusive propagation agreement with Global Plant Genetics (GPG) for raspberry cultivars showcases our commitment to offering the finest and most sought-after varieties in the market.

Signature Cultivars

Discover the allure of exclusive cultivars like Skye, Lewis, and Glen Mor and future Glen Carron variety, each carefully selected for their exceptional qualities. Anticipate their availability in spring 2024, as we bring forth varieties that embody excellence and flavour.

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We invite you to explore our world of premium plant varieties and express your interest. Contact us for detailed information on our licensing, propagation agreements, and the expected availability of signature cultivars. Your inquiries are the first step towards cultivating success with Paradise Berry Propagators.

Ongoing Import Endeavors

Stay tuned for our ongoing import efforts for the esteemed Glen Carron variety. As we expand our offerings, we remain committed to introducing new and exciting possibilities to your cultivation experience.


Paradise Berry Propagators stands as a distinguished NIASA accredited enterprise, overseen by a team of seasoned professionals with global exposure and guided by advisors from around the world. Our proficiency extends beyond berries, encompassing the propagation, cultivation, and harvest of premium plant material for a diverse clientele.

With a wealth of experience in bringing large-scale projects to fruition, we possess the essential expertise to forge functional models and supply superior plants, precisely and punctually.